In-camera vfx studio

Welcome to the future! 

In-Camera VFX combines real-time visuals with live action film shoots, allowing a seamless integration between actors and virtual backgrounds.

The technique is based on utilizing LED lighting, live camera tracking, and real-time rendering with off-axis projection.

The goal is to remove green screen compositing from the equation and allow filmmakers to bring the world they imagined into reality already at the filming phase.

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what you see is what you get

Why is it so cool? 

The new method removes uncertainty in the process and lets the film crew instantly see the end result. State-of-the-art LED screens around the stage illuminate all the actors and props naturally without the need to add reflections manually in post-production. 

We can run interactive 3D worlds or more traditional 2D plates on the walls based on the needs of the creative heads.

Virtual art department (VAD)

Fireframe VAD folks are using their magic in the heart of our virtual production lair. The department is a mixed bag of talent ranging from technical artists and visual storytellers to game engine experts and LED technicians.

The team works closely with Production Design and VFX to create solutions that blend the practical set seamlessly with the visuals on LED wall. VAD team is also responsible for choosing the most suitable and cost-efficient virtual production workflow for the project at hand. 

Our R&D team is innovating new solutions on weekly basis to improve our proprietary virtual production pipeline Hypnos to make the the use of virtual tools even more dynamic and cost-effective.

Virtual production process explained
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