Fireframe’s ICVFX studio in Helsinki, Finland is one of the most advanced XR stages in Europe.
LED volume specifications 
LED panels    
Back wall ROE Ruby 2.3  Dimensions: 18,5m x 5m, in feet: 59,2′ x 16.4′
Ceiling ROE Black Quartz 4.6 Dimensions: 12,0m x 5m, in feet: 39,3′ x 16.4′
Movable walls (3) ROE Black Quartz 4.6 Dimensions:  2,0m x 3m, in feet:  6,5′ x  9,8′
System Processors    
Video Processor MEG Helios. Leveraging the newest 8K and HDR formats to drive.
GPUs NVidia RTX A6000 (NVLink &  Quadro Sync)
Additional GPU NVidia RTX 3090    
Motion capture technology    
System Optitrack    
Cameras Prime x22    
Main engine Unreal Engine 4.27 w/ nDisplay  
Realtime grading DaVinci Resolve Pro    
Other engines Unreal Engine 5, Unity, Notch, Blender on demand